PARC Real Estate

PARC Real Estate is a new Real Estate Brokerage in Indianapolis focused on helping home buyers find the perfect home for them. We developed and launched their online presence within 3 months of our initial meeting. The site allowed clients to search new homes in the area and integrated with the MIBOR listing database. The site also attracted new realtors to join the PARC RE team.

Target & Challenge

PARC RE has two very specific targets, new home buyers in Central Indiana and realtors looking to joining a new real estate brokerage. The sites appearance matches the other PARC brands and also simplifies the navigation process for clients. Our main challenge was penetrating the real estate market against more established competition.

Problems Solved

After several weeks of research, speaking with customers, and examining our competitors sites we developed a list of essential features for our site as well as an optimal user flow for our clients. We listed prime potential properties on our homepage based on our users location and then allowed our users to peruse a several homes before requiring them to sign in which was a frustration on many competitors site. We also placed an easy to find for for potential realtors to fill out in our main navigation.

UX Design Userflow


The app got to the market in just three months, and was already winning over new clients thanks to its usability and reliability.  The optimized user flow allowed our clients to view more homes faster and get better results. The reconfigured sign up also allowed for us to obtain more qualified leads when viewing homes, because these viewers had stayed on the site longer and shown more interest.

Secondarily we added quite a few new realtors to the staff based on some careers campaigns and the rebranding of the site attracting more experienced realtors.


We streamlined the user flow with a simple way to find and get their search results. We didn’t scare new users away by asking them to enter emails or phone numbers too early in the search process. Once the users found the house they wanted we quickly got them into our CRM and followed up with them on their interest.


I worked on this project as a lead designer and project manager.

Areas of responsibility:
Management (sprint planning and weekly reviews)
UX analysis (flows and persona)
Design (app, website and branding)
Front-end development (website)
Database integration (MIBOR tie-in)